Turning waste or biofuel into energy is a long, multi-stage process. Many tasks need to be managed simultaneously to ensure the plant operates at peak efficiency. Just one piece of faulty equipment can cause the whole process to stop. We provide fast, safe, and reliable lifting solutions specifically designed for this environment including lift trucks with special attachments.
We offer a complete range of fork lift trucks, reach stackers andcontainer lift trucks, with all the special attachments needed. Waste is usually shipped in containers, typically 20-ft long and weighing 12 – 18 tons. Biomass is typically handled in 20-ft and 40-ft containers weighing 15 – 25 tons.
To empty these containers, we offer fork lift trucks with a 180 or 360-degree rotation unit, or reach stackers with 45-degree side-tilt. Waste and biomass containers are usually not very heavy, so medium-sized Konecranes fork lift trucks and reach stackers with the needed attachments are an excellent solution. Our medium-sized fork lifts and reach stackers are very compact.
Service support
To keep your lift trucks performing at their best, we offer technical support, maintenance, safety training, and genuine Konecranes parts.Contact us to obtain the best possible lift truck, with full support, for your waste-to-energy or biomass operation!