The RR Road/Rail tractors were developed together with Zagro - a perfect example of joint development by companies with complementary expertise. These units can be supplied for track gauges from 1.0 to 1.668 metres. Some of their advantages include the good availability of spares, tight turning circle on roads and a high GCW. The RR222 can also handle semitrailers. If the rail tracks are set into a paved surface on your site then our conventional tractors can also be used for shunting rail wagons.
SUMMARY Driveline GCW* Engine Transmission Front axle capacity Rear axle capacity 5th wheel 5th wheel capacity 5th wheel lifting capacity Track gauge Turning circle  
4 x 2 1,000 t Mercedes OM936LA-180 Stage 4 ZF 6WG211 (6F-3R) 10 t @20 km/h 35 t@20 km/h Terberg cast steel plate 2" 36 t 34 t 1,524 or 1,668 mm 14,3 m  
6 x 4 2,000 t / 2,800 t Mercedes OM936LA-210 Stage 4 ZF 6WG211 (6F-3R) 10 t @20 km/h 15 t each @20 km/h Not applicable Not applicable Not applicable 1,000 to 1,668 mm 13,82 m