Mastering intermodal
We offer a powerful range of reach stackers for intermodal handling. Konecranes intermodal reach stackers are ideal for loading and unloading across more than one track, with large lifting capacities, a long wheelbase and excellent maneuverability despite their large size. They can be supplied with combi attachments that enable the truck to lift containers from the top and trailers from the bottom.
Konecranes intermodal reach stackers are available as follows with a complete range of special attachments for intermodal handling:
Model name Capacity Wheel
SMV 4123 CB5 41-23-9 tons 6400 mm
SMV 4527 CB5 45-27-13 tons 6400 mm
SMV 4531 CB5 45-31-16 tons 6400 mm
SMV 4531 CBX5*** 45-33-20 tons 6400 mm
SMV 4533 CB5 45-33-16 tons 6400 mm
SMV 4533 CBX5***  45-37-24 tons 6400 mm
SMV 4537 CB5 45-37-22 tons 7250 mm
SMV 4537 CBX5  45-40-28 tons  7250 mm
SMV 4538 CB5 45-38-23 tons 7500 mm
SMV 4538 CBX5*** 45-40-32 tons 7500 mm
SMV 4545 CB5 45-45-33 tons 8000 mm
SMV 4545 CBX5*** 45-45-45 tons 8000 mm
Strong service
When you invest in a Konecranes intermodal reach stacker, your investment is protected by Konecranes lift truck service provided by the world's most dedicated lift truck specialists. If you need technical support, training or maintenance, the Konecranes lift truck team is here to ensure that your intermodal reach stackers always operate at their best.