Terberg YT, TT and RT tractors are used in many industries for transporting loads of up to 375 tonnes Gross Combined Weight. Our industrial customers value the robustness and reliability of our products. The ease of manoeuvring and the swivelling seats on some models are particularly useful when working in crowded yards or inside buildings.Our standard tractors are supplemented by the RT403 industrial tractor, whose fifth wheel lifting capacity of 45 tonnes is particularly useful in the steel industry. This unit is also used for multitrailer trains.The optional SafeNeck® improves the weight distribution between the trailer and the tractor and can increase the load capacity up to 250% when operating on ramps and slopes.
Terberg RT and YT tractors have found their way into steelworks where reliability is essential. They are well suited to 24/7 operations in these demanding industrial environments. Our range includes the RT382 which is designed for the heaviest applications, up to a maximum GCW of 375 tonnes. These tractors are used with slab and coil carriers, tipping trailers, scrap bucket trailers, etc. Our RT382 industrial tractor has a fifth wheel lifting capacity of 45 tonnes for the steel industry and similar applications. This unit is also used for multitrailer trains.