The world of manufacturing ranges from the small two-person workshop to enormous factories producing tens of thousands of product units per day. Where do you fit in? What is your industry? What do you produce? Konecranes is the world’s leading supplier of lifting equipment and service to manufacturers. Our lift trucks can give your logistical operations new power.
Light manufacturing
For light manufacturing, we offer a range of overhead lifting systems that are adaptable to your production line and workstation design.
If your shipping and receiving operation handles significant volumes of containers and miscellaneous cargo, we have an excellent lift truck for the job.
Heavy manufacturing
Do you produce heavy materials in a challenging environment? Have you considered a heavy-duty lift truck for the job? Is the truck attachment you need not available? Contact us, let’s discuss the case.
We offer lift trucks with lifting capacities ranging between 10 and 65 tons. We offer a large variety of attachments for material handling in heavy manufacturing processes. We are the best in the world at figuring out how to handle heavy, awkward items with a lift truck.
Service support
To keep your lift trucks performing at their best, we offer technical support, maintenance, safety training, and genuine Konecranes parts.Contact us to obtain the best possible lift truck, with full support, for your manufacturing operation!