We offer tough and durable fork lift trucks for handling concrete, brick and rock in quarries, concrete and brick factories, intermediate shipping sites and ports.
Strength, power, reliability
Strength, power and reliability are the key words for fork lift trucks handling concrete, brick and rock without sacrificing fuel efficiency or safety. We offer a complete range of fork lift trucks, lifting masts and fork-shaft systems for concrete, brick and rock handling applications – with great scope for customization if needed.
Lift trucks with special adaptations are needed during the fabrication of concrete sections and tubular components. These can include special masts, wider fork carriages, multiple forks and heavy-duty reinforcements for handling sensitive concrete cargo. To lift and handle bricks in packages, we offer single and double brick clamps with an integral mounting. Marble blocks are the hardest to handle. They are often very large and weigh 30 – 40 tons. For this job we offer lift trucks with special reinforcements and adaptations according to your individual requirements.
Service support
To keep your lift trucks performing at their best, we offer technical support, maintenance, safety training, and genuine Konecranes parts.Contact us to obtain the best possible lift truck, with full support, for your concrete, brick or rock operation!