The Terberg Body Carrier excels at shunting swap bodies at distribution centres due to its agility and small turning circle. It is also used for applications such as carrying deicing fluid containers at airports. 
The design accommodates a range of swap body types and there are several options for locking the bodies to the vehicle. BC units can optionally be fitted with a lifting fifth wheel to handle semitrailers.
SUMMARY Driveline GCW* Engine Transmission Front axle capacity Rear axle capacity Swap bodies Lifting frame capacity Lowest lifting frame height 5th wheel 5th wheel lifting capacity  
4 x 2 50 t Mercedes OM904LA- Euro 5 ZF 3WG161 (3F-3R) 10 t @20 km/h 25 t @20 km/h DIN EN 284 25 t 972 mm Optional 15 t (optional)