Automobile manufacturers and their subcontractors transport about 95% of their components in containers, swap bodies or trailers on trucks, trains and barges. Automobile manufacturers and the logistics companies working for them are some of the largest freight forwarders in the world.
Konecranes meets the special needs of the automotive industry with a complete range of lift trucks and attachments for truck, train and barge handling. We provide agile, safe and reliable lift trucks optimized for your needs. We are dedicated to serving you in the areas of lift truck performance, productivity, service and total cost of ownership
Built for automotive
Konecranes provides lift trucks optimized with features and attachments for automobile production processes. We provide fork lift trucks optimized for handling the steel coils and pre-cut steel plates that are used in stamping presses to make auto body parts. These lift trucks can also handle the stamping tools used in the presses, weighing anywhere from 30 to 60 tons. The scrap metal produced as a by-product of the auto body stamping process is usually handled in containers by fork lift trucks or reach stackers. We provide these lift trucks, optimized for this role.
After painting, the finished components are stored and delivered to the assembly plant by road, rail or river. Arriving at the assembly plant, they are handled by fork lift trucks or reach stackers. Our lift trucks can be optimized for this role as well.
Service support
To keep your lift trucks performing at their best, we offer technical support, maintenance, safety training, and genuine Konecranes parts.Contact us to obtain the best possible lift truck, with full support, for your automotive operation!